2. runescapegirlfriend:

    sending hate to a nature blog is hilarious like why you angry????? they reblogged a pine tree when u prefer evergreen???? the photos of flowers and lakes rly got u heated huh

    Isn’t pine an evergreen?

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  3. Such pain

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  5. nallehukkataival:

    Incredible house built inside a large boulder below Monte Pulchiana in #Sardinia. This is right in the middle of one of the #bouldering areas we developed over the last couple weeks along with some good multi-pitches on Monte Pulchiana. #climbing #nature #island

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  6. Dumps like a truck,
    Thighs like what,


    1. Her: do you have abs?
    2. Me: I don't think so, maybe (shows stomach)...
    3. Her: yeah you have abs
    4. Stoked!

  7. One of the most underrated things: sleeping nude

  8. readytobeme:

    so this guy at my school uploaded this picture to reddit and asked for someone to fix it so his hand was on the bridge

    and this happened

    (billy joel- the bridge)

    till finally


    ‘the bridge guy’

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  9. Give up, for good